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Cool Lava Lamps
Trippy Lava Lamps
This site has some pretty cool lava lamps on it -

Komórka! – pomyślał nagle, tupiąc ze złości nogą. Sięgnął do kieszeni spodni i szybko włączył telefon. Jego stopy były zanurzone w pomarańczowo-czerwonej, głębokiej na kilka centymetrów mazi. Dopiero teraz poczuł, że cała piwnica śmierdzi czymś ostrym i okropnie drażniącym nos. Zasłonił twarz ręką i zakaszlał dwa razy, starając się jak najdokładniej stłumić każdy dźwięk. Ponownie przetarł oczy i nabrał powietrza oddychając przez usta. Spojrzał na komórkę. Bateria telefonu była prawie pełna. Chociaż tyle. Wszedł do opcji wyświetlacza i zwiększył jego jasność na maksimum. Skierował blade światło przed siebie i wrzasnął. super strona kolegi szambo betonowe

Morning already ...
Satuday arrives but in Quiet-Mode; not a solitary sound with exception to the rushing great racket outside the building! That may include such things as a flock of busy beaver birds; zinging in and out of the branches dozens of great trees provide. There's ample evidence of Life right outside the building too with cars coming and going at all hours; parking, unparking, leaving, arriving, zooming by, crawling past as if they've forgotten where they live... Cars! Then there's those birds again; anyone would think they had something to sing about! Next we have the nature of the business end of Living. All manner of Unidentifiable Noises Oft... those strange yet faint sounds that betoken life that one cannot identify!Moving along I am only half here. No take that back. I am only one quarter here. Until coffee, I am simply not in the zone but that may have something to do with the fact that I was more or less forced to forego my long red wool coat where it sits is anyone's guess... (more)

T Trading Blog
Trading Diary for Aug 24- 29
So this week in my trading i've been focusing on buying/selling forex currency pairs and using signals to help me keep watch in the markets. Trading opportunities can be very short windows and then expire quickly. It helps me personally to have an email signal service send out forex trading opps with prices and time windows.. This windows can make sure you don't miss these quick moving price targets. Other things i've been focusing on this week is Bitcoin. Bitcoin was very boring eariler in Aug. It really had no movement and wasn't easy ro trade. The last week or two has seen a bit of up and down movement. It has been fluctuating about $10 - $30 so you can just use a lot of leveraging to increase profits. Altcoin are also still really interesting to me. They trade very much like pink sheet or otcbb stocks. They con often be prone to "pumps", but you can ride these pumps to take some quick profits if you know what you are doing. OTC BB or penny stocks can be difficult to... (more)

Janey Godley
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 215
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In episode 215 of Janey Godley's podcast, the comedy duo are a day late and Ashley is so hoarse of the throat she can hardly speak. Janey discusses her choice to support the YES campaign and they both talk about the awful patronising Better Together advert that made them change their mind. Ashley debates the US gun laws as a child shoots an instructor with a machine gun. The news that Ashley's radio pilot is broadcast on Monday 1st September on BBC Radio Scotland is met with much delight. Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter. Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 215 Check out our podcast advert on Vimeo You can get your amazing Janey Godley's... (more)

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